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Long long ago and very long ago, an anonymous, bearded, jungle man found it cool to rub two stones like crazy. What lit up his curiosity is history today! In terms of creating history by creating fire, we are next only to that man. We craft each lighter with design, safety and comfort in mind. Every piece that emerges out of our craft-shop is a masterpiece. Explore our range of offerings in here.


You believe Test cricket is more interesting than T20? Do you love masala dosa more than Cheese pizza? Consider plain has it.



Classic Lighter CK11R
Classic Lighter CK22R


Are you the person who believes that a roti need not be round all the time? Are you the one who questions the basic assumptions of shapes and structures? Then you will need something more than the cliche of cylindrical lighters. You will need a Brio.


Brio Lighters BP11D
Brio Lighters BP12D
Brio Lighters BP21D
Brio Lighters BP22D


Brio Lighters BK11R
Brio Lighters BK22R


Are you the person who goes for friends' treats daily, eats layers of cheese, volumes of butter and kilos of delicacies and still never gains a pound of weight, much to the envy of your friends? Then the below edition is exclusively for you.


This series of lighters is for you, the paunchy-less, the single-chinned macho guys for whom checking Whatsapp and combing hair comes as a second priority as compared to the ab-crunches and push-ups. Get fit. Be fitter.


Clipper Fit TP11R


Clipper Fit TK21R


Are you a fan of metal? Do you choose metals right from body ornaments to music? Do you feel metals convey elegance? Then this lighter is only for you. Own a metal clipper today to show your support towards metals.

Flint Shiny
Electronic Shiny
Flint Brushed
Electronic Brushed

Collector Series

If you are a person who keeps looking for artistic colour variants in every single possession of yours - right from your shoe lace to your underwear, this Clipper collection is tailor-made for you. So grab yours now and start flaunting.

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  • Clipper Land
  • Masks
  • Sanguo Game
  • Fortunato
  • Horse Dance
  • Play Stories
  • Clipper Designer Series Clipper Land 1
  • Clipper Designer Series Clipper Land 2
  • Clipper Designer Series Clipper Land 3
  • Clipper Designer Series Clipper Land 4
  • Clipper Designer Series Masks 1
  • Clipper Designer Series Masks 2
  • Clipper Designer Series Masks 3
  • Clipper Designer Series Masks 4
  • Clipper Designer Series Sanguogame 1
  • Clipper Designer Series Sanguogame 2
  • Clipper Designer Series Sanguogame 3
  • Clipper Designer Series Sanguogame 4
  • Clipper Designer Series Fortunato 1
  • Clipper Designer Series Fortunato 2
  • Clipper Designer Series Fortunato 3
  • Clipper Designer Series Fortunato 4
  • Clipper Designer Series Horsedance 1
  • Clipper Designer Series Horsedance 2
  • Clipper Designer Series Horsedance 3
  • Clipper Designer Series Horsedance 4
  • Clipper Designer Series PlayStories 1
  • Clipper Designer Series PlayStories 2
  • Clipper Designer Series PlayStories 3
  • Clipper Designer Series PlayStories 4

Kitchen Lighters

Kitchen Lighters not just adorn your pant packets, but also extend their utility to places far beyond the reach of youths like the kitchen. For every pinch of salt added to the dishes, Clipper adds gallons of safety to your loving one who cooks.

Clipper Kitche Lighters

Smartlite Lighters

Still using those lighters that give out single spark to light your stove burners? You must be a 60 year old then, aren't you? Because when there is a safer, more beautiful option from Clipper that gives a ready flame rather than the sparks to light your stoves, it is only the conservative oldies who prefer to use those pre-historic spark lighters.It's a safe, high quality Gas Lighter , with a approx. 2000 lights per refill. Still waiting? Contact your gas agency and order today.


Nothing demonstrates a working more than a film. Here's a film that depicts the utility and the usage of clipper flame lighters. And yes, like most of the films nowadays, this film too has been first made in Tamil and then remade into Telugu and from there to Hindi.




Clipper flame lighters are available with gas distribution outlets only and they have to be ordered through them to get them delivered to your kitchen. So, you don't have to strain yourself in noting them down in your shopping list along with bindhis and lipsticks.You just have to contact your gas agency while ordering a refill for your cylinder.

HP Gas

Gas Can

Clipper provides you with a number of hot accessories to go with your hot lighters and an equal number of cool accessories to go with your cool lighters. Refilling your clipper now takes lesser time than a snap of a finger. No ? Ok. Snap thrice may be then.

Clipper Gas Cans

Clipper Packages

What is a gift that's not properly gift-wrapped! We take immense care in packaging our lighters such that they are both aesthetically presentable and remain damage-free during transits. We never take our packaging light, especially when it is lighter.

Classic Large CP11R


  • MRP- Rs 40/-
  • Packaging 10's Card
  • MC 600 units(4 IC*15 Cards)
  • Designs - Multiple Designs

Classic Medium CP12R

Clipper Kitche Lighters

  • MRP- Rs 30/-
  • Packaging- 24's tray
  • MC-576 units(24*24's tray)
  • Colours-3 assorted colours

Classic Micro CP22R

Clipper Kitche Lighters

  • MRP- Rs 25/-
  • Packaging 24's tray
  • MC-576 units(24*24's tray)
  • Designs - Multiple Designs

Classic Slim XCP21R

Clipper Kitche Lighters

  • MRP- Rs 20/-
  • Packaging- 24's tray
  • MC-576 units(24*24's tray)
  • Designs-Multiple Designs