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This section of Clipper website is democratic, or as Abraham Lincoln once said, of the people, by the people and for the people, who are fans of Clipper. The space showcases the works of Clipper fans as text or as video. The contents are best enjoyed by sitting before your computer in a completely relaxed posture and holding a Clipper in your hand or pocket. These fan-made contents will make your heart turn.. err... lighter.

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Our Clipper lighters are extremely photogenic and here is a Clipper fan who has captured some of Clipper's collections in his blog. It is to be noted that Clipper has sported zero makeup and spent little time on hair-do while posing for these photographs.

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Clipper Fan Blogs


Our fan here blogs about the various clipper collections he has in his possession. Not able to understand the contents as it is not in English? Why not start a Clipper fan blog yourself? We would love to see your contributions as well.

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One Lighter for Each Occasion

Bringing out an excellent animation within the designs of Clipper lighters, this fan has captivated all our hearts with the creativity he has exhibited in making of this video.

Clipper City

Imagine a world entirely of Clipper. The buildings, the lights, the vehicles, everything. This fan has created a whole new world of clipper cylinders. But yes, it will be a relatively safe world.

Clipper Vs Match Box

There's a war brewing between the envious and weak infantry of match sticks against the fully armed, valiant Clipper lighter. Check out this stop-motion photography to witness the war.

Clipper Collections

Our range of CLIPPER lighters are not manufactured, but crafted keeping your safety and utility in our minds. It's an artist's creation. Every piece is a masterpiece.Inspirations are around us, beside us and within us. This video is based on the inspirations behind the creation of Clipper designs. Atleast we don't get inspired from foreign albums and use them in Bollywood songs!