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Clipper Safety Standards
ISO Standard

ISO 9994

100% of production complies to and exceeds ISO 9994.

Not just on prepared samples.

Quality Gas

Quality Gas

Clipper lighter contain only top quality isobutane gas.

It has low pressure and much safer than low quality lighters.

Resistant Material

Resistant Material

Clipper is made of nylon, a super resistant material.

It wont break or explode like low quality lighters.

Quality Flame

Safe Flame

The exclusive pre-set flame valve avoids burning risks.

It generates a stable flame of 30mm as opposed to 120mm on adjustable lighters.

Child Safety

Child Safety

All clipper lighters incorporate the best and most exclusive child resistant system.

Clipper - A child resistant lighter conforms US and european standards.

Recyclic Componants

Go Green

Majority of clipper components are made of recyclable materials.

Each time you refill a ligher, you save 1 litre of oil and save 90% of cost.

We take pride in taming the wild fire of nature to domesticated standards. We make fire safe and cool through our design. The ISO 9994 Fire Safety Standards feel the same too with their recognition to us.

We know that there are a lot of hot-headed generic lighters out there in the market ready to burst into a flame at the drop of a hat. Those lighters can't handle the heat beyond a certain threshold. Nobody knows how long and how high they can throw their flame around. Ask those who burnt their noses if you want further testimony. Once they get going, they do not know when to stop breathing fire and end up being the overburnt very often. We know that you know better not to trust these lighters too. So, choose your favourite clipper and join the family.

Extra-ordinary care and control ensures the sheer reliability of Clippers. The choice of material (nylon polyamide 66) guarantees safety even against very high temperatures and careless slips. The liquefied isobutane gas stays low at pressure profile and extremely high at safety yardsticks. Our flames are conditioned to stand erect at the same height for long durations too. They will obey you - their master - exactly as you command them to be!

And they also know better not to take commands from mischief kids. Hence they follow very stringent Child Resistant standards.

Yep! Clipper add to EN 13869 Child Safety Standards with our unique pentagonal rotational wheel and child-resistant ergonomics. A child should have extremely strong and broad fingers or a super-tight grip or a fake birth certificate to manage to set our lighters on fire. Tested in more than 10 countries, more than 85% children of an age equal or inferior to 52 months could not light Clipper.

Remember, safety is either black or white. There is no grey area in safety. Well, of course there is the yellow of Clipper!

Clipper Quality

Clipper lighters are special for the care it experiences while its upbringing. The next time you see someone generalizing that nothing is perfect, show them this video. Hail the parental care!